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Rocket/Rockie (She/Her)Autistic and adorable

2000s-loving artist fucking the web est. 2020The new Carrd for the new me.

ElectricAngel7482's site

...... ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁......
[ There is always an ending, to anything.]
"Time only Confuses me,
Precision makes things unclear.
Life ever Entangles me,
Its Brevity makes it my fear!
Simplicity, Come to me!
Simplicity! Why don't you come to me?"

█▃▆▃█▃▆▃█▃▆▃█▃▆▃█▃ 1:35 ───ㅇ─────3:47 █▃▆

Hello. I am Blake, an underdog artist, Eddsworld lover, and an animation lover. I'm pretty talkative and confident, but I can be insecure at times. I enjoy Minecraft and Roblox. I have a Discord server that's mostly inactive, but it's nontoxic. I love old web,kidcore, scenecore, and goth shit.I used to be known as "[Angel] vx 90 Echofly" and "Blake". I decided to be referred as Rockie instead. I feel like I want to get out the chains of my past, and Rockie sounds a lot cooler than Blake. None of these are my IRL names.I use profanity at times, and I do draw gory art, so if you dont like these, probably be cautious.

ElectricAngel7482's site

TV shows/web series:
ENA, Eddsworld, Madness Combat, Spongebob Squarepants, Gumball, Teen Titans, Deep Fried Live, Salad Fingers
Music: KMFDM,Beyonce, most Eurobeat songs, old pop, hip hop, Dua Lipa sometimes, Eiffel 65, etc.
Scenecore, weirdcore,kidcore, 2000s, VHS, purple,glitchcore
PhantomStrider, Edd Gould (1988-2012), CIEIRMusic
Other:cute animals, bunnies, puppies,squids, lost media, old web, hopefulness, getting trophies, The Laziest Men on Mars (obscure band from the early 2000s)
I also enjoy putting 2000s-styled stuff and scenecore shit in my art.

My triggers and discomforts list is not public, I need to trust you before I can let you see it.
Also, the DNI list is a shortened version, I will not post the full version here.
DNI if you are/support:
Basic criteria (hateful, racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ+, pedo)
Think triggers are funny or dumb
Associate KMFDM with Columbine(they aren't not related, bitch)
NFT supporters/users
Use traumacore as an aesthetic
Constantly talk about politics
Ship real people or do problematic ships
Believe depression/abuse/mental illness are aesthetic things
Under 13 (I allow over 18 to follow but with restrictions)
If you are the following people:
DanielMadnessCombat (pedophillie,art theif)
The Bad Three (Pip, Marc, Jamie)
Caseyshow/Eddiki (Friend abuser, soft boy)
List is not fixed, additions coming soon.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------I strongly believe that traumacore glamorizes and romanticizes trauma by making it an aesthetic. It also steals elements from kidcore, glitchcore, and weirdcore. I won't DNI if you use it only as a coping mechanism though.If you dont know what Im talking about, KMFDM is basically my favorite band ever. They are an industrial rock band that makes badass music. Sadly, they have been associated with Columbine for 23 years now, and I hate it so much when people do this.
About conspiracy theories, people who only do game theories are exempt. I added this because most conspiracies, especially the "Sandy Hook was fake" theory are dangerous.